Dear Passengers, please use our APP that:

  • is super quick and super easy to use
  • no signup is needed, we only keep track of your IMEI to limit prank calls and to pull up your trip history
  • no credit card is necessary or required to use us (you can pay CASH, or pay via a credit card swiped in the car, or you can call us to pay with your credit card)
  • offers FLAT (or fixed) pricing for all trips before you do the trip, so… NO SURPRISES, NO SURGE
  • passengers can also suggest the price they want to pay for their trip (raining? offer more to lure drivers, drivers not busy? offer less and save if the drivers accepts your suggested price)
  • supports the local economy, your money stays in New York, and your are not making big apps, silicone valley prospectors, egomaniac executives, and wall street speculators rich
  • supports a company that is owned by the hard-working drivers that strive to serve you better!  Why? Drivers really own their business!
  • offers prices that are 20% less than the big apps out there, PLEASE TRY US and SAVE!  You will see the difference in price and service!
  • offers a value product is 20% less than yellow and green taxi prices!
  • offers SUPER airport specials!


1-(844) 4-snapcar

(remember it by 8, three 4s (for) snapcar -one p!-) or with numbers:

1 (844) 476 2722